Brod &Taylor KS-500 Knife Sharpener Professional/เครื่องลับมีดมืออาชีพ
5,500 ฿

Brod &Taylor KS-500 Knife Sharpener Professional/เครื่องลับมีดมืออาชีพ

Are your kitchen knives dulling from long-term use? Brod & Taylor’s Professional Knife Sharpener will give you that perfect edge once again. Sharpen standard, serrated, and even Japanese knives with Brod & Taylor’s Professional Knife Sharpener. This knife sharpener uses a radically advanced sharpening technique that is borrowed from high-tech CNC metal machining: its spring-action sharpening bars automatically accommodate any knife's shape. For best results, polish and hone your blade daily. The knife sharpener's ultra-hard tungsten carbide surfaces will sharpen, hone, and polish your blades efficiently without removing metal. If you need directions on what kind of technique to use for sharpening, just look under the base to find instructions on how to fine sharpen, coarse sharpen, or hone on serrated-edged blades. Now you can effortlessly slice and dice your carrots and cucumbers for years to come. Avoid the mess and hassle of dull blades by keeping your knives sharp and shining with Brod & Taylor’s Professional Knife Sharpener.

Brod & Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener Features:

Stainless steel construction
Sharpen serrated, standard, Japanese, and other specialty knives
Hone, course sharpen, and polish without removing metal
Instructions for honing, coarse sharpening, and polishing are on the bottom of the base
Click here for instructions on use & care!
Great for everyday home use and commercial use
Safe for high-quality Damascus blades
Sharpening bars last over 5 years with normal use
Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.5" x 6"

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