de buyer France 3507.32 Stockpot Without Lid Prim Appety 32 cm. / หม้อ
7,190 ฿

de Buyer 3507.32 Stockpot Without Lid Prim Appety 32 cm. / หม้อ

The stockpot is the ideal cooking utensil for bringing large quantities of liquid to the boil, for making soups, pot au feu (beef stew) or other unique dishes.
PRIM'APPETY cookware in AISI 304 stainless steel with pouring lips and sandwich bottom, which makes it compatible with induction and allows uniform heat distribution across the bottom of the cookware.
Durable and robust professional quality cookware.
Stainless steel tube handles welded at multiple points = easy and comfortable grip. Smooth inner surface.
Satin polished.
Dishwasher-safe. Occasional polishing with special stainless steel polishing paste to restore its shine.
All cooktops including induction.

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