de buyer France 3250.32 Flat Bottom Pastry Bowl 32 cm. / ชามผสมอาหาร
2,090 ฿

de Buyer 3250.32 Flat Bottom Pastry Bowl 32 cm. / ชามผสมอาหาร

Conical flat bottom bowl used for making mixtures, mixing, whisking, heating by bain-marie, for storing a preparation or ingredients...
Multifunctional bowl that goes in the fridge, deep-freezer, blast-chiller and oven.
All stainless steel: robust and undeformable.
Wide flat bottom enables for greater stability.
No sharp edges so you can beat the entire mixture; also for easier cleaning.
Functional and ergonomic open rolled rim which enables a secure, strong, simple and comfortable grip for a dynamic whisking.
Open rim, for easier cleaning.

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