BAMIX 105.088 M200 Swiss Line Superbox Black / เครื่องปั่นอาหารแบบมือถือ [Special price for Only website]
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With the Superbox, you hardly need any other kitchen appliances. The Superbox, with its full range of bamix® functions, is effortlessly capable of chopping, slicing, blending, foaming, pulverising, emulsifying, shredding, grating and much more.

Whether sauces, soups, dressings, pesto sauces or sweet and savoury pastries, cakes and desserts, ice cream, smoothies or even dips, marinades and mayonnaise – everything is possible, hassle-free and with little effort. The bamix® with its accessories is also space-saving, easy to clean and will stand the test of time. The bamix® is the smallest, most efficient and versatile food processor in the world. Thanks to the wide range of bamix® accessories, the bamix® is multifunctional. Crushing, chopping, mashing, whipping, grinding, pulverising and grating is no problem at all for the bamix®. The bamix® promise provides a lifetime guarantee for the bamix® motor. 100% Made in Switzerland underlines the outstanding quality as well as years of durability. bamix® lives and promotes the idea of sustainability.

  • 200w heavy duty motor
  • double insulation
  • 2 controlled speeds Step 1 12,000 rpm Step 2 17,000 rpm
  • Softgrip safety switch
  • Supplied with 4 blades, processor, powder disc, jug with lid, SliceSy and stand
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