Movilfrit 107066 F10 Water & Oil FH Fryer / หม้อทอดไฟฟ้า / Deep Fryer
41,623 ฿


  • Built entirely in stainless steel AISI 304 (18/10), with a thickness of 1 mm.
  • Embedded interior AISI 304 tank, without angles and with MAX-MIN oil level marks
  • Drainer front in the bucket to deposit the excess oil in the tank.
  • Water and oil system: saves oil and does not mix flavors
  • Removable electric head for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable working thermostat up to 200ºC / 20 A
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset 230ºC / 20 A
  • Armored resistance in stainless steel
  • System to fix the basket to drain the oil to the tank
  • With incoporated tap to evacuate the oil
  • Manual lifting system of the basket to heat the volume of oil necessary for frying
  • Basket reinforced mesh and rod in stainless steel AISI 304 (18/19), according to sanitary regulations
  • Waste filter in the bottom of the tank
  • Removable dump container in the bottom of the fryer (20, 20 + 20, 30 and 30 + 30 liter models)
  • Legs adjustable in height and anti-slip
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