Statice Tempering Magic Temper 1.5 kg / เครื่องละลายช็อกโกแลต
170,130 ฿


Tempering by seeding

The MAGIC TEMPER allows for easy tempering of chocolate masses, couvertures, pralines, ganaches and interiors by seeding.

How do you do it? It's simple, fast and above all effective! With the cocoa butter cream of the Magic Temper, we act directly on the stable crystals, so the tempering is 100% safe and above all it is repeatable!

Why is this so? The textures and viscosities are incomparable, the demoulding is perfect, the breakage is clean and the shine is there! But above all, you will be able to cast pralines at higher temperatures and above all you will be able to decant or remove from the mould much more quickly than with the traditional method, all without any risk of bleaching! This avoids the contamination of flavours linked to tempering on marble!

The machine is used for batch tempering for daily productions of 150 to 300 kg. It is intended for chocolate confectioners.

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