KitchenAid USA 5KSM55SXXTER 5.5Qt Coyote Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, Empire Red, 375W / เครื่องผสมอาหารขนาด 5.5 ครอทซ์ สีแดง
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Redesigned from the inside out, our most powerful home mixer can now take on more than ever before.

● Now with 11 speeds, including the new fold speed, half the speed of Stir. Our slowest speed allows you to gently fold in delicate ingredients, fold in egg whites or cream, and helps avoid overmixing.

● The new motor enables the Double Flex Edge beater, which scrapes the sides and bottom of the bowl, minimizing the need to stop and manually scrape.

● With 2X more power in the bowl than the tilt head mixer*, you can knead up to 8.5 pounds of bread dough and take on tough tasks with confidence.

● All-metal gears and the Thermal Protector feature delivers reliable mixing and durability.

● With 40% more bowl capacity than tilt head*, you can handle double or triple batches with ease.

● Watt 375

● Mixing Speeds 11

● All Metal Gears Yes

● Composition Zinc

Accessories Included

● Flat Beater Yes

● Flat Beater Finish White Coated

● Dough Hook White Coated

● Wire Whip 6 Wire

● Pouting Shield No

● Product Size 41x28.74x37.15 cm.

● Weight 12.7 kg.

Additional Features:

● Dishwasher-safe white flat beater, dough hook

● 6-wire whip

● 5.5Q polished bowl with strap handle

● One-year warranty

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