King Son Taiwan Convertible IFP Aging Chiller 2 Glass Door and 4 Glass Door / ตู้บ่มเนื้อสัตว์ /Dry Age แบบ 2 ประตุ และ 4 ประตู
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King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller

King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller is designed to dry age or wet age meat in subzero, between 0°C/32°F  and above IFP (Initial freezing Point) of meat, in controlled constant temperature and humidity conditions, with temperature fluctuation ±0.3°C/0.54°F and humidity fluctuation ±5% that prevents the temperature of the food’s cell membrane becoming lower than the temperature of Initial Freezing Point, without freezing and thereby enhancing more tenderness, flavor and juicy.

Key Endorsements:

Michelin-Starred Chefs:

  • Renowned for its advanced aging technology, the King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller is the preferred choice of several Michelin-starred chefs. Its ability to precisely control temperature and humidity ensures meats are aged to perfection, enhancing flavors and textures to meet the exacting standards of top culinary professionals. This chiller's innovative design and reliable performance make it an invaluable tool in prestigious kitchens worldwide.

WIPO Recommendation:

  • The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has recommended the King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller for its state-of-the-art food preservation technologies. WIPO's endorsement underscores the product's cutting-edge innovation and its role in advancing global food quality standards. This recommendation by WIPO adds to the chiller's reputation for excellence in both technology and intellectual property.


  • Design and Build:
    • External: Stainless steel and glass door.
    • Internal: Stainless steel AISI 304, durable and easy to clean.
  • Control and Operation:
    • King Son Intelligent Food-Tech Controller: Advanced temperature and humidity controlling.
    • Real-Time AIoT Connectivity: Cloud-based monitoring and tracking via an app.
    • Environmental Simulation Technology: Precisely controls temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Key Technologies:

  • Convertible Temperature Refrigeration System:
    • Operates in the temperature range of -5°C to 6°C.
    • Provides a stable environment with temperature fluctuations within ±0.3°C.
    • Humidity control maintained with fluctuations within ±5%.
  • IFP (Initial Freezing Point) Aging Technology:
    • Maintains food quality without freezing.
    • Enhances tenderness, flavor, and juiciness of the meat.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:
    • Equipped with advanced insulation materials and energy-efficient compressors.
    • Features LED lighting and Phase Change Materials (PCM) panels for energy storage.
    • Utilizes refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP).


  • Capacity: 100KG and 200KG
  • Temperature Range: -5°C to 6°C
  • Humidity Range: 75~90% R.H (Can be set below 0°C)
  • Power: High efficiency, exact power requirements available on request
  • Voltage: 220V/50~60Hz
  • Dimensions: Check the catalogue for details


  • Dry Aging & Wet Aging: Perfect for dry & wet aging beef, pork, seafood and other meats, enhancing flavor and texture.
  • Food Preservation: Ideal for maintaining the quality of food without freezing.


  • Enhanced Meat Aging: By preventing freezing, it maintains cellular integrity for better taste and texture.
  • AIoT Connectivity: Allows for remote monitoring and alerts for maintenance.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various food preservation and aging needs.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Endorsed and utilized by Michelin-starred chefs for its ability to deliver consistent and superior aging results, contributing to high-quality culinary experiences.
  • WIPO Endorsement: Recommended by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for its innovative technology that significantly improves food preservation and aging processes. This recognition highlights the product's excellence in combining high performance with intellectual property compliance and innovation.
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